Monday 31/1/2022
Faculty of Law at Al-Ahliyya Amman University organizes training workshop entitled: “Judicial System and Electoral Justice”

Under the patronage of Prof. Mosleh Al-Tarawneh, Vice President for Administrative Affairs and Dean of the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Law, in cooperation with the Independent Election Commission, hosted a training workshop, entitled: “Judicial System and Electoral Justice,” on Sunday 30/1/2022. During the workshop, members of the French State Council lectured on the topic in the presence of the representative of the French Embassy in Amman. Members of the teaching staff and some students at the Faculty of Law participated in the workshop which discussed the electoral system and methods of challenging it in France, compared to electoral challenges in Jordan. The workshop included an in-depth dialogue between members of the French State Council and the teaching staff at the Faculty of Law on numerous issues related to electoral justice in France and Jordan.