Tuesday 11/1/2022
Administrative Committee of Student IT Faculty Club holds its first meeting

The Administrative Committee of the Student IT Faculty Club at Al-Ahliyya Amman University held its first meeting on Sunday, 9/1/2022. The meeting was held after the election of the club's Administrative Committee by the General Assembly. The Deanship of Student Affairs oversaw the electoral process that took place on Tuesday, 28/12/2021. For his part, Professor Dr. Omar Al-Odwan, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, stressed the role of student clubs in refining the personality of students and developing their creativity, in addition to their importance in creating a positive atmosphere in the student community. The student club aims to provide opportunities for college students to participate in activities commensurate with their inclinations and abilities, as well as to encourage and develop talents and hobbies among students, and to contribute to promoting harmony and homogeneity among students of the faculty who come from different cultures.