Wednesday 29/12/2021
Engineer Sana’ Hani of Al-Ahliyya Amman University participates in dialogue session as part of events of second engineering advisory conference

Engineer Sana’ Hani, faculty member from the Department of Architecture at Al-Ahliyya Amman University, participated in the dialogic session entitled: Digital Transformation: a New Model in Environmental Management and Protection. This is part of the second advisory engineering conference organized by the Union of Jordanian Engineers and the Union of Arab Engineers at the Landmark Hotel in Amman from 12-13 December 2021. Ms. Hani was one of the three speakers hosted by the dialogic session. She talked about the importance of smart applications in bringing about a qualitative change in providing various services. She discussed GreenJO Application, the first smart recycling application in Jordan, as a case of study. The dialogic session included several topics, including the importance of technology and digital transformation in bringing about qualitative change in the delivery of engineering services and reducing their expected environmental risks, in addition to the role of digital transformation and its applications in quality control and updating and sharing various types of information in secured ways.