Tuesday 12/10/2021
The Dean of Scientific Research meets the faculty members of the College of Architecture and Design.

The Dean of Scientific Research, Prof. Khaled Al-Kaabneh, met on Monday 11/10/2021 with faculty members of the Faculty of Architecture and Design, in the presence of the dean, Prof. Abdel Salam Al-Shaboul, and dean’s deputies and heads of departments. The organization of this meeting stemmed from the faculty’s endeavor to advance scientific research, and motivate faculty members to apply for research projects supported from inside and outside the university. The Dean of Scientific Research also clarified the instructions and procedures for supporting scientific research, participating in conferences, and incentives for scientific publishing, in order to encourage faculty members to produce more researches and form research teams. At the end of the meeting, the Dean of Scientific Research listened to the opinions and suggestions of the faculty, and answered their inquiries about any obstacles or challenges they face.