Tuesday 13/7/2021
Faculty of Architecture and Design hosts Sela's training and heritage conservation team

On Sunday, July 11, 2021, the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Al-Ahliyya Amman University hosted the Sela Training and Heritage Conservation Team. The meeting was attended by the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Rama Al-Rabadi, Heads of Departments of Graphic Design, Multimedia design, Interior Design, and a number of students. Dr. Austin Labianka of the University of Andrews, and Dr. Allison Michael of Leyhai University also attended the meeting. This meeting comes in accordance with the faculty's orientations to boost partnerships with external entities, support students, and serve the community, in addition to developing students’ skills in the applied aspect of design. The faculty, in cooperation with the Sela team, organized the summer training program for students in various academic departments, as part of the development of field training and practical training for study courses. Sela team manager, Ms. Maria Elena Ronza, made a presentation explaining the nature of the summer training program and how students are distributed into teams to work on documenting archaeological sites, preparing models, designing banners, and the promotional video for the program. Students will be supervised by Sela's team and by the academic departments of the college to ensure the high quality of the outputs and to guide the students and develop their sense of responsibility, belonging, and citizenship. This meeting provides college students with the opportunity to share experiences with students at other universities and with the training institutions dealing with heritage preservation, as well as opportunities to develop practical skills to qualify them to compete in the local and regional labor markets. The faculty seeks to conclude an agreement with Sela's team to enhance the cooperation between the two parties.