Tuesday 22/6/2021
Supported by Al-Ahliyya Amman business incubator... “Home control by brain signals project” is designed

With the full support and nurturing by the business incubator of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, and under the supervision of Dr. Anas Al Saud, Assistant President of the University for International Accreditation and Ranking, and under the supervision of Dr. Muwaffaq Abu Al-Haija, from the Faculty of Information Technology, the two graduates, Engineers Omar Muhanna Nafi’ and Yazan Arafat Srour of the Faculty of Information Technology designed a system that allows people to control their homes through brain signals. The system seeks brain signals and turns them into commands that control the house appliances. This project completes the graduation requirements of the college and represents one of a group of incubated projects that the Center for Innovation and Excellence at the University is marketing, locally and internationally. The project was questioned by: Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology: Dr. Omar Al-Adwan Chair of Software Engineering: Dr. Qusay Shambour Chair of Networks and Information Security: Dr. Musleh Abu Al Haj Chair of Computer Science: Dr. Abdul Rahman Hamza