Wednesday 5/5/2021
Al-Ahliyya Amman University obtains quality assurance certificates for the faculties of: Law, Pharmacy, Information Technology, and Business

Al-Ahliyya Amman University obtained the quality assurance certificates for the faculties of (law, pharmacy, information technology, and business) granted by the Higher Education Accreditation Commission and its quality assurance. The Chairman of the Commission, Prof. Dr. Dhafer Al-Sarayrah, stressed that the quality assurance certificates was issued by the Commission, after the aforementioned faculties had fulfilled all the requirements of quality assurance. The Commission's endeavor to raise the level of higher education institutions and achieve excellence in university education. Dr. Al-Sarayrah added, during the meeting, which was attended by the Assistant President of the Accreditation Commission for Quality Affairs, Dr. Zaid Al-Bashayra, and the deans of the university’s faculties, on Monday 3-5-2021, that this achievement shows the advanced level of quality of the educational process at the university and its outputs, which positively reflects on the university’s reputation and contributes to enhancing the reputation of higher education locally and internationally, and moving forward to reach universality. The President of the University, Dr. Sari Hamdan, praised this achievement, which comes as a continuation of the university's progress and continuous achievements in the areas of quality, accreditation, local and international classifications, and that this distinction comes as a culmination of the efforts made by the faculties with their academic and administrative staff. The President added that the university is looking forward to all its faculties obtaining local quality assurance certificates during the current year, and then moving towards the program level at a later stage. It is worth noting that the university had earlier obtained a certificate of quality assurance at the institutional level.