Sunday 25/4/2021
The Faculties of Pharmacy and Law at Al-Ahliyya Amman are crowned with the Jordanian Quality Assurance Certificate.

With the support of Dr. Maher Al-Hourani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, under the supervision and directives of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Sari Hamdan, and with the efforts of the deans and members of the teaching and administrative staff, the university has added new achievements to its record of achievements and distinction. Al-Ahliyya ranked 101-200 globally in the quality of education according to the Times Classification of the Impact of Universities, and after the faculties of Business and Information Technology obtained the Jordanian Quality Assurance Certificate on 4-7-2021, the two faculties of pharmacy and law at the university were crowned on Wednesday 21-4-2021 with the Jordanian Quality Assurance Certificate by The Jordanian Accreditation Commission for Higher Education Institutions and Quality Assurance. Commenting on this new achievement, Dr. Iyad Shaaban, Assistant to the President for Administrative Affairs and Director of the Administrative Affairs and Institutional Development Unit, said: this achievement comes as a continuation of the university's journey and its continuous achievements in the areas of quality, accreditation, local and international classifications. Dr. Iyad Shaaban added: The University had earlier obtained a certificate of quality assurance at the institutional level, and a certificate of quality management system ISO 9001:2015, the thing that paved the way and laid the foundations for work at the college level at this stage. After four colleges (Business, Information Technology, Pharmacy and Law) obtained the Jordanian quality assurance certificates, we look forward to all university faculties obtaining the local quality assurance certificates during the current year, and then move towards the program level at a later stage. Prof. Muhammad Al-Tanani, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, said: The college's obtaining a certificate of quality assurance is a new achievement added to the series of the university's achievements this year under the sponsorship and support of Dr. Maher Al-Hourani, Chairman of the Board of Directors and a. Dr.Sari Hamdan, President of the University. This achievement comes as a culmination of the efforts made by the college with its academic and administrative cadres, so that quality is a way of life in all departments of the college. Prof. Muhammad Al-Thneibat, Dean of the faculty of Law, said: The faculty extends its highest congratulations on this occasion and dedicates this achievement to Dr. Maher Al-Hourani, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who provided all support and care for this distinguished academic edifice. On my behalf and on behalf of the faculty and administrative staff of the faculty, I extend my thanks and gratitude to the president of the university, Prof. Sari Hamdan, for his distinguished management of the university and his direct support to the Faculty of Law. We also thank the professors, Dr. Khaled Al-Kaabneh and Prof. Nayel Al-Sharaa, Vice Presidents, Dr. Iyad Shaaban and Dr. Anas Al-Saud, assistants to the president, for all efforts made to advance the university and reach this achievement and further progress and success.