Monday 12/4/2021
College of Business and College of Information Technology in Al-Ahliyya Amman University crowned with Jordanian Quality Assurance Certificate with golden level

With the support and sponsorship of Dr. Maher Al Hourani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, and under the supervision and guidance of the President of the University, Professor Dr. Sari Hamdan, and with the efforts of deans and professors working in various programs, the University has achieved dozens of important accomplishments at various levels, including achieving advanced ranks in various local and international classifications and accreditations. On Wednesday, 7-4-2021, the University added a new achievement to its record of achievements and excellence. The Faculty of Business and the Faculty of Information Technology at the University received the Jordanian Quality Assurance Certificate with the golden level, which is granted by the Jordanian Accreditation Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions. In addition, the university was the first to apply for institutional inclusion in the national qualifications framework. First of all, with regard to international accreditations, Dr. Anas Al Saud, Assistant President of the University for Accreditation and International Classification, pointed out that over the past few years, the university managed to make a qualitative shift at the level of international accreditations, including obtaining the five platinum crowns of the "ASIC" classification, ranked 101-110 according to the Q.S. Arab classification in 2020, the first Arab university in the number of expatriate students and professors, ranked 301-400 globally and 1 locally according to the Times 2020, ranked 256 globally according to the classification of green universities in 2020, and ranked 784 globally according to ROUND UNIVERSITY RANKING in 2020. In addition, Al-Ahliyya Amman University was awarded the QS Classification Award on the E-Learning System and Services, which is operated by Al Hourani Center for E-Learning, founded in 2007. As for the new achievement locally, Dr. Omar Al-Adwan, Dean of the College of Information Technology, explained that the college worked to apply for the Quality Certificate in light of its efforts to achieve all international quality standards. The college had previously achieved ABET International Accreditation for the specialization of Networks and Information Security and is currently working to apply for this international accreditation for the rest of the programs. Dr. George Samour, Dean of the Faculty of Business, also said that the Marketing Department in the College has already received IIMP International Accreditation for the second year in a row, and that the College has developed an executive plan to apply for the local Quality Assurance Certificate since the beginning of the academic year, in addition to its work on the AACSB International Accreditation. Dr. Eyad Shaban, Assistant President for Administrational Affairs and Chairman of Human Resources & Administrative Development Unit, said this achievement complements the university's ongoing progress and continued achievements in the fields of quality assurance and local and international accreditations and classifications, considering quality as a strategic option to bring the university to universality. He added: The university received the Quality Assurance Certificate at the institutional level, and it also received the ISO Quality Management System Certificate 9001: 2015, which paved the way and laid the foundations for work at the level of colleges at this stage. We look forward to seeing all university colleges obtain local quality assurance certificates during the current year, and then move to work at the level of programs at a later stage. The university has already started picking the fruits of its efforts in this field with the direct support of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the supervision and guidance of the University President, and with the cooperation and intensive efforts of all the concerned parties, to achieve the desired transition that we all aspire to.