Tuesday 30/3/2021
The AAU Faculty of Engineering Attains A Scientific Achievement

The AAU Faculty of Engineering has attained an outstanding scientific achievement in the field of Nanofibers production. This was achieved with the success of an experiment to produce Nanofibers conducted by Dr. Hamzah Abu Owaida and Engineer Bashar Nazih with the participation of students Amer Abu Sarah, Jalal Masharqa and Nagham Saher from the Department of Medical Engineering. In the experiment which was conducted in the laboratories of the AAU Faculty of Engineering, the equipments needed for producing the Nanofibers were designed and developed in the Faculty of Engineering by making use of the practical and scientific experiences of members of the academic & administrative staff of the faculty. A Power Supply device was developed with a calibrated voltage of 9000 volts, along with an Infusion Pump device were developed to complete the experiment, at a cost not exceeding 100 Jordanian dinars for the two devices. Thus, it can be said that the AAU Faculty of Engineering now has devices for producing Nanofibers and bypassing all obstacles facing scientific research without resorting to purchasing expensive devices. The Nanofibers are fibers with dimensions of about 100 nanometers. They are used in artificial organ components, tissue engineering, organ transplantation, drug delivery, wound dressing, and medical textile materials. The Nanofibers are also used in air & liquid filtration applications, manufacture of some nanosensors and photovoltaic cells and membrane fuel cells.