Tuesday 26/1/2021
The AAU Deanship of Scientific Research Launches the New Issue of Al-Balqa Journal for Research & Studies

The AAU Deanship of Scientific Research launched the new issue of Al-Balqa Journal for Research & Studies in its new design which simulates the qualitative development in the design of scientific journals which is in line with the distinguished work of the journal. This issue included special topics specialized in teaching and learning and the new issues in scientific research. Prof. Khaled Al-Kaabneh, the Vice President for the Affairs of Scientific Faculties – the Dean of Scientific Research - handed the first dedication of the journal to Prof. Sari Hamdan, the AAU President for publishing a research paper in this issue titled “Rectifying Sports Facilities in Sports Cities in Jordan.” It is worth mentioning that this is the first research paper that was included and read on the journal's website. Copies of the journals will also be gifted to many universities and local and international bodies with the aim of strengthening and continuing the scientific and research cooperation between Al-Ahliyya Amman University and various educational institutions.