Wednesday 6/1/2021
The AAU Faculty of Nursing Holds A Welcome Meeting for the New Students

The AAU Faculty of Nursing held a welcome meeting for the new students enrolled in the Bachelor program. This event took place in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Prof. Muntaha Al-Gharaybeh, the Vice Deans and Heads of Departments on Thursday, 17/12/2020. The Dean of the Faculty of Nursing welcomed the students and explained the purpose of this meeting. She also shed light on the Faculty’s inclinations towards international accreditation and classification and the importance of excellence in the academic program. Moreover, she emphasized the importance of students in decision-making and highlighted the importance of principles and values in creating an effective teaching & learning environment. During the meeting, the vice dean and heads of departments talked about the issues related to quality, accreditation and the faculty departments. An overview was also presented about the rapporteurs of the various committees in the faculty such as academic advising, students with academic difficulties and student activities, in addition to discussing practical training instructions and the exam system.