Tuesday 22/12/2020
The Academic Advising Committee at the AAU Faculty of Pharmacy Organizes A Training Workshop about the Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Committee at the AAU Faculty of Pharmacy, which is headed by Dr. Fariza Muhanna, organized a training workshop for the new and the former faculty members on Thursday, 17/12/2020 via the Microsoft Teams platform. This workshop was attended by Prof. Muhammad El-Tanani, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Na`im Sha`lan, the Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs and a number of faculty members. The Deputy Dean delivered a speech whereby he welcomed the former and new faculty members and stressed the importance of communicating with students and guiding them so that they can pursue successfully their studies and be qualified to enter the labor market. Doing so would achieve the vision, mission and objectives of the faculty through the commitment of the academic advisors to apply the instructions of granting the Bachelor degree. He also pointed out the importance of students’ psychological, intellectual and social development which will engage them in co-curricular activities held via the Microsoft Teams platform. Moreover, he reminded them of the importance of the AAU Counseling & Special Education Center which help students who suffer from social and psychological problems. The Chairperson of the committee, Dr. Fariza Muhanna, reminded faculty members of the necessity for the academic advising team to work via the Microsoft Teams platform. She also reminded them about the importance of providing the Academic Advising Committee with a set of questions to be placed on the platform to enhance the performance of the students who have academic difficulties. Finally she asked them to hold reviewing lectures for them which will be documented for quality purposes. Prof. Muhammad El-Tanani, the Dean of the Faculty, also presented a group of suggestions that would enhance the process of academic advising and recruit more students to the AAU Faculty of Pharmacy. This can be done by organizing an open day for the students who passed successfully the incomplete exams of the General Secondary Education at the end of the first semester via the Microsoft Teams platform. Moreover, he recommended the necessity of joining the efforts of the Faculty committees to hold a group of co-curricular activities that would enhance the ties between the faculty members and students and refine their personalities.