Sunday 13/12/2020
The Dean of the AAU Faculty of Pharmacy Meets the Students of the Advisory Council

The first meeting of the AAU Faculty of Pharmacy was held on Thursday, 3/12/2020 via the Microsoft Teams platform. The meeting was attended by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Muhammad El-Tanani, his deputies and heads of departments, and the students of the Advisory Council along with seven students from different academic years at the Faculty. At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Muhammad El-Tanani welcomed the students, wished them success and safety from the emerging corona virus. He introduced students to the future strategic vision of the faculty, including obtaining the local and American quality certificate. Moreover, he acquainted them with the updates made to the study plan for the Bachelor program in the specialization of pharmacy. The updated plan included a graduation project as well as having six training hours in community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and industrial pharmacy. Then, Dr. Na`im Sha`lan, the Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs, touched on the most prominent tasks of the Advisory Council and defined the role and responsibility of the student representatives in the council. During the meeting, everyone listened to the students’ observations. They requested to organize an online job day to help the graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy to have a job directly in the various fields of Pharmacy. They also requested to establish a club for the graduates of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, which is similar to other local, Arab and international universities. In turn, the Dean assigned experienced faculty members to follow up these requests and to implement them.