Wednesday 9/12/2020
The Dean of the AAU Faculty of Pharmacy Meets with the Masters’ Students Via the Microsoft Teams Platform

The AAU Faculty of Pharmacy held its second meeting with the Masters’ students via the Microsoft Teams platform on Friday, 4/12/2020. This meeting was attended by all members of the Graduate Studies Committee and a number of the faculty members and the postgraduate students in the faculty. The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Muhammad El-Tanani, welcomed the students and the faculty members and praised their efforts in the progress of the educational and research process for the Masters’ students. He explained to the attendees some of the observations on the supervision and the preparation of research project proposals. The dean also reviewed the latest developments in the pharmaceutical Research Center at the faculty. Prof. El-Tanani briefed the students on the modern and advanced research equipment in the Center that is not available in other research centers and universities at the level of the Kingdom, which contributes to enriching students’ research and their ability to conduct advanced and varied experiments. The faculty members also presented brief presentations on their research interests and suggested research titles for the Masters students, to help them in choosing a thesis topic and a supervisor appropriate to their respective interests. At the end of the meeting, the students posed many questions that opened the door for discussion among the attendees, which enriched the meeting and increased the students ’awareness of the principles to be followed when submitting their research projects.