Sunday 22/11/2020
The AAU Faculty of Pharmacy Welcomes Its New Students for the Academic Year 2020-2021

Under the patronage of the Dean of the AAU Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Muhammad El-Tanani, a welcoming meeting was held for the new students of the academic year 2020-2021. It is worth mentioning that this meeting which was held on Saturday, 14/11/2020 on the Microsoft Teams platform was organized by the Academic Advising Committee headed by Dr. Fariza Muhanna, and the committee members of Dr. Khaled Shedeed, Dr. Adam Abu Al-Rub, Dr. Ali Al-Sumaidi and Dr. Areej Jaber. During the meeting, the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Muhammad El-Tanani, delivered a welcoming speech where he emphasized the importance of scientific research in keeping pace with the current developments and providing an advanced research center. He also stressed that he is fully prepared to listen to and solve any problems that the students may encounter. Then, the Deputy Dean of the Academic Affairs, Dr. Naeem Shaalan, reviewed the most important points related to academic advising and indicated that all academic advising instructions and forms are available on the academic advising platform. Dr. Yaser Kandil, the Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Biopharmaceutics & Clinical Pharmacy, welcomed the new students and stressed the need to adhere to the advisory and tree study plans. Then, the pharmacist May Al-Hawamdeh, who is in charge of the pharmacist’s field training, explained the training requirements and required training hours. Finally, Dr. Marawan Salameh, the Head of the Counseling & Special Education Center gave a brief overview of the services provided by the Center to students. The meeting also included a video that aimed to introduce the faculty, its departments, vision and objectives and pictures of the latest devices that are available at the Pharmacological & Diagnostic Research Center in the Faculty. The meeting included a section for student competition and an open discussion between students, the dean, the vice dean and the heads of departments. At the end of the meeting, thanks were extended to all participants. Many sections of this celebration were shared via the Academic Advising Platform, which includes students and faculty members of the Faculty.