Wednesday 18/11/2020
Dr. Fida Abu Al-Khair, of Al-Ahliyya Amman University, is Listed in the (Directory of Jordanian Female Experts)

Dr. Fida Abu Al-Khair, the former head of the AAU Department of Psychology and the Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology was selected as one of the Jordanian female experts in the (Directory of Jordanian Female Experts). The Directory which is issued by the Community Media Network in cooperation with the Dutch Hivoz Organization aims to familiarize media organizations with Jordanian female experts. This selection took place after announcing and communicating it with many institutions and individuals to urge everyone to support the participation of Jordanian women experts in the aforementioned Directory. After receiving names of a large number of female candidates, their names were sorted out and were handed to an independent committee whose job is to select the best candidate. The committee comprised male and female media experts and male and female representatives of credible feminist institutions. The name of Dr. Fida’s was then listed under the female experts in the sector of Psychology and Sociology.