1 Sunday, 11 2020
Prof. Sari Hamdan Delivers A Lecture at the Jordan Society for Scientific Research on the Modern Areas of Scientific Research in Light of the Corona Pandemic

The AAU President Prof. Sari Hamdan delivered a lecture at the Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship & Creativity on the modern areas of scientific research in light of the Corona Pandemic on 28-10-2020. During the lecture, Prof. Hamdan touched on many themes, the most important of which is the necessity to conduct analytical studies on universities income from foreign students; the economic return from foreign students in supporting the national economy. Other studies shall be carried out that deal with the national strategy for receiving foreign students to study in Jordan; a study on reviewing the regulations and instructions related to the principles of admission to universities and a preparatory study that deals with relying on the admission of all successful students. More studies shall deal with reviewing the regulations and instructions of higher education regarding the nature of the relation with universities; the principles of evaluating university presidents; the establishment of a higher education council and the representation of universities in two higher education councils i.e. the higher education council for public universities and another one for private universities. The President also highlighted the need for all universities to focus on establishing companies in the fields of production according to the specialized faculties of Engineering, Information Technology, Nursing or Medical faculties. He also stressed the importance of establishing centers for creativity and innovation to help universities become fully self-reliant. Regarding distance learning, he said: “We shall be prepared to develop educational programs that depend entirely on e-learning and open the door for admission to the programs to the following targeted groups: 1- foreigners 2- employees ....., and the need to conduct comparative studies between distance learning and e-learning. The President also talked about the effects resulting from the Corona Pandemic, such as the achievement rates and their relation to some psychopathological disorders in light of the phobia of Corona infection; sleep disorders in the light of the Corona Virus; self-efficacy and its relation to competitive behavior of team games players; social fears; panic attacks and their relation to work in light of the Corona Pandemic and disruptions following the trauma of the Corona Pandemic and its relation with the collaborative behavior at work. Prof. Hamdan referred to research themes related to the field of law (rights) and the impact of the Corona Pandemic on the rights of the worker and the obligations of the employer, or in the field of information technology, cyber security, cybercrimes, and smart solutions and their applications on campuses and cities. He also tackled other research themes in the field of engineering and the use of smart miniature models in different stores that can predict and warn of the presence of people who have symptoms or are infected in addition to using applications of artificial intelligence and smart portable medical devices that use Nanotechnology to detect the Corona virus in the air and designing and manufacturing a paper sterilization device. Prof. Hamdan touched on research themes related to the field of Architecture & Design, as well as the field of Nursing and Pharmacy. He also pointed out that researchers at Al-Ahliyya Amman University, in cooperation with researchers at the University of Bradford / Britain, were able to discover a new drug to treat and overcome drug resistance used in treating breast tumors, in addition to cooperating with researchers from the King Hussein Cancer Center and the University of Bradford / Britain in completing the final experiments of a new diagnostic test for early diagnosis of the spread of breast cancer in other parts of the body.