1 Sunday, 11 2020
AAU Ranks Second at the Local Level of Private Universities and First at the Regional Level Regarding the Number of Foreign Professors and Students

AAU ranked first regionally in terms of the number of foreign students and faculty members who hold the PhD degree, according to the “QS Arab Region University Rankings 2021”. The AAU President Prof. Sari Hamdan confirmed that this is a good measure for proving that the good educational environment that the University has provided over the years was the reason for the University to become the first destination for Arab students. This made the University enjoy the highest number of foreign students at the level of the Arab World. As for its progress on the basis of faculty members, Prof. Hamdan pointed out that this indicates the seriousness of the University in choosing the best faculty members who are qualified to manage the educational process. It is worth mentioning that AAU made progress ten ranks in the “QS Arab Region Rankings 2021” from last year, being ranked 91-100 regionally. It also advanced to the eighth place locally and second at the level of private Jordanian universities. In this regard, the AAU President Prof. Sari Hamdan explained that this progress was not a mere coincidence, but rather the fruit of efforts of members of the AAU academic & administrative staff who professionally implemented the University development plan in achieving the standards of the international accreditation and ranking which is reflected positively and directly on the learning, educational and research process. The results of the Ranking, which were announced on Tuesday evening, October 27, 2020, showed that AAU has achieved development by 23% in research production, by 19% in research citation, by 34% in the academic reputation and by 28% in the reputation among employers. On behalf of the AAU President, Dr. Anas Al-Saud, the Assistant President for Accreditation & International Ranking Affairs, received the certificates at the ceremony held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is worth mentioning that the ranking of the top ten Jordanian private universities, according to the “QS Ranking” was as follows: 1- Princess Sumaya University for Technology 2- Al-Ahliyya Amman University 3- Philadelphia University 4- Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan 5- Applied Science Private University 6- Middle East University 7- University of Petra 8- Isra University 9- Jerash University 10- Zarqa University