Tuesday 13/10/2020
Roya TV Conducts An Interview with Dr. Qusay Shambour to Talk about the Field of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Roya TV Channel, as part of its program "Dunya Ya Dunya", hosted Dr. Qusay Shambour to talk about the field of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science at the Faculty of Information Technology - Al-Ahliyya Amman University. During the interview, Dr. Qusay Shambour presented an extensive explanation on the new specialization offered at the Bachelor program level and its importance in developing smart systems and applications, and the extent to which the labor market needs this specialization. Dr. Shambour also indicated that the Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Field is one of the most attractive specializations for students due to the rapid digital revolution in the world. The interview link on the Roya TV website is: https://roya.tv/videos/81740 The interview link on the official page of Al-Ahliyya Amman University on Facebook is: https://web.facebook.com/AhliyyaAmmanUniv/videos/629562947705322/ The interview link on the YouTube is: https://youtu.be/urFLSNV5Szc