Tuesday 16/6/2020
AAU Launches the University Research Initiative

Based on the AAU’s vision and mission, the Deanship of Scientific Research began today implementing the university research initiative to enhance the partnership between researchers and the University. The aim of this initiative is to raise the level of research product and to help speeding up the procedures for the services provided. The Deanship of Scientific Research launched today the automation system project for all procedures related to scientific research services at the University in order to provide the best ways for the success of scientific and research output. Prof Khaled Al-Kaabneh, the Dean of Scientific Research, explained that this step aims to improve the level of services provided by the Deanship of Scientific Research in terms of facilitating and organizing procedures for scientific research and enabling the applicant of the faculty members to easily pursue the stages of the submitted application and without the need for paperwork. He added that this project is one of the most important objectives of the annual work plan 2019-2020 of the AAU Deanship of Scientific Research.