Thursday 16/4/2020
The AAU President Telephones the AAU Taekwondo National Team in Russia

The AAU President, Prof. Sari Hamdan telephoned the AAU students of the Taekwondo National Team who are in a Russian training camp. The president wanted to follow up their conditions and to assure them of the necessity of attending their lectures on line. It is worth mentioning that each of the students Ahmed Abu Ghosh, Saleh Al-Sharbati, Zaid Al-Halawani, Zaid Mustafa and Pana Daraghmeh, joined the training camp on 8/3/2020. This camp, which was supposed to last two weeks in preparation for the Asian qualifiers in the Beijing Olympics, but due to the current conditions of the Corona Virus Crisis, they could not return to Jordan, except for the student, Pana Daraghmeh, who returned on 17/3/2020. Prof Hamdan also stressed the need to continue pursuing the lectures via distance learning and emphasized the necessity of adhering to the preventive measures taken against the disease and to be committed to the training and staying inside the hotel.