Thursday 16/1/2020
AAU Launches the "Winter with the Faculty of Arts & Sciences Is Warmer" Campaign

AAU Students enrolled in the “Ethics & Social Responsibility” and “Islamic Culture” Courses taught by Dr. Sawsan Badr Khan and Dr. Asmaa Al-Omari participated in a campaign under the slogan "Winter with Us Is Warmer". The campaign which took place on Sunday, 12/1/2020 was organized in cooperation with the AAU Deanship of Student Affairs and under the guidance of Prof. Nael Al-Sharaa, the Dean of the AAU Faculty of Arts & Sciences. The students distributed part of the donations, such as heaters, blankets, and clothes to the cleaning workers and office boys at the Faculty and University while the other part was distributed to the poor and needy in Al-Salt city. This campaign aims to achieve the vision and mission of the University and to activate its role in serving the internal and external community. It also develops the sense of responsibility and the national spirit among the participating students in the campaign.