Wednesday 8/1/2020
Students of the AAU Department of “Networks & Information Security” Visit the “Estarta & SMT” Companies

The Department of Networks & Information Security of the AAU Faculty of Information Technology organized a field visit to the Estarta & SMT companies. The student delegation headed by Dr. Musleh Abu Al-Hajj took a field round inside the divisions of the two companies. During this visit, students were acquainted with the nature of work at these companies, with the possible job opportunities and with the necessary qualifications to join these jobs. The students also discussed various topics that highlighted issues of concern to them. Their questions and suggestions were taken into consideration. The two companies also expressed their admiration for the excellence and high proficiency of the students and courses included in the study plan of the specialization. The two companies welcomed the idea of organizing a periodic field visit to the two companies and concluded joint agreements to link the education sector with the labor market in addition to providing training and job opportunities for students. This visit comes within the framework of the continuous efforts of the AAU Faculty of Information Technology to provide its students with opportunities that develop and expand their circle of choices and help them to engage in the available job fields as well as strengthening partnership with the private sector. It is worth mentioning that the AAU Department of Networks & Information Security obtained the US accreditation “ABET” some time ago. It is also mentioned that the “Estarta & MST” companies are considered among the long-standing and largest companies in the field of Networks & Information Security as they provide technical support services in this field to major companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Cisco, and others.