Monday 30/12/2019
The AAU Faculty of Arts & Sciences Hosts An Awareness Lecture on the Dangers of Drugs

The AAU Department of Humanities & Social Sciences at the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs, held an awareness and educational lecture for students titled “Drugs & their Impact on Society”. The lecture which took place on Monday, 30/12/2019 was delivered by Major Anas Al-Tantawi / the Head of the Awareness & Education Department of the Anti-Narcotics Department. This lecture came in line with the AAU vision and mission that aim to achieve cooperation with the local community. During the lecture, Major Anas emphasized the importance of spreading awareness among citizens, especially youth, and he elaborated on the dangers of drugs. This lecture was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Prof. Nael Al-Shara, and a number of faculty members and students. During this lecture, the Major enriched the meeting by answering all questions and inquires raised by students. It is worth mentioning that Prof. Sawsan Badrakhan managed the discussion and dialogue between the lecturer and attendees.