Sunday 15/12/2019
The AAU Faculty of Information Technology Launches A Community Initiative

The AAU Faculty of Information Technology launched a community initiative that targeted working women on Thursday, 12/12/2019. This initiative aimed to acquaint working women with e-marketing through creating a distinctive e-commerce web page on the social networking site “Face book” to be able to market their products or services. This initiative was presented by the AAU students Osama Abu Mutair and Muhammad Odeh, from the Faculty of Information Technology. AAU faculty members also participated in this workshop namely, Dr. Abdul Rahman Hamza, Dr. Mai Al-Tahrawi, Dr. Musleh Abu Al-Hajj and Dr. Mowaffaq Abu Al-Heijah and the instructor Sumaya Al-Khatib along with the laboratory supervisor Mrs. Manal Al-Owaisi. It is worth mentioning that this event was organized by the faculty member Kholoud Nairoukh, a member of the Supreme Committee for Activities and Community Service at the faculty. This event was attended by a group of community women, members of Al-Afaf Charitable Society. At the end of this event, the attendees indicated their desire to participate in such future initiatives. In turn, the Faculty expressed its willingness to launch more of similar initiatives in response to their wishes.