8 Sunday, 12 2019
The AAU Department of Physical & Health Education Organizes A Sports Workshop in Cooperation with the Jordan Olympic Committee

Based on the sports partnership that brings together AAU and the Jordan Olympic Committee, the Department of Physical & Health Education of the AAU Faculty of Arts & Sciences organized a sports workshop titled "Teaching Jordan Olympic Sports Values". The workshop which took place on Sunday 12/12/2019 in the Arena Sports Complex aimed to achieve a balance between education, sports, networking and teaching Olympic values. During the workshop, a group of lectures were delivered by lecturers from the Jordan Olympic Committee, including Nadine Dawani and Suzan Kaddoumi, the Head of the Education Department in the Committee. It is worth mentioning that about thirty male and female students from the Department of Physical & Health Education participated in this workshop. At the end of this event, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Prof. Nael Al-Shara handed certifications to the participants and handed the AAU shield to the Jordan Olympic Committee.