20 Wednesday, 11 2019
The AAU Department of Physical & Health Education Holds An Awareness Lecture Titled “Ma Tistanna” for Members of the Administrative Staff

The AAU Department of Physical & Health Education of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences held in cooperation with the Hussein Cancer Foundation an awareness lecture titled “Ma Tistanna”. The lecture which took place on Thursday, 7/11/2019 in the Mahmud Darwish Theater was attended by a number of the University female employees. Dr. Azhar Abdel-Qader Nasr delivered the lecture, during which she talked about the stages of the breast cancer development and the necessity of early examination for women. Dr. Azhar acquainted female employees with the steps of doing self-examination for the breast cancer and she confirmed that the treatment outcome in the early stage leads to a full recovery from this disease. At the end of the event, special brochures were distributed to female employees.