17 Sunday, 11 2019
The AAU Faculty of Arts & Sciences Organizes Various Activities on the Occasion of the World Mental Health Day

Within the activities of the AAU Faculty of Arts & Sciences, the Department of Psychology held in partnership with the AAU Guidance & Special Education Center several awareness events and various applied workshops on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 29-10-2019. These events included two plays titled “I Am Not Crazy” and “You Are My Cause” presented by students of the Psychology Department, in cooperation with Dopamine Association for Psychological Health Awareness. The two plays were performed and directed by the Department students under the supervision of psychologists along with a silent play which was performed by students who carried banners indicating symptoms for some mental illnesses. Students from Al-Jami’a Schools for Boy were hosted to participate in the activities and sensitize them and shed light on how to deal with suicide attempts.