10 Sunday, 11 2019
The Dean of the AAU Faculty of Information Technology Honors the Outstanding Students Registered during the Academic Year 2019-2020

The AAU Faculty of Information Technology organized an honoring ceremony for the academically outstanding students of all specializations in the faculty. This event was attended by Dr. Qusay Shambour, the Dean of the Faculty and heads of departments and a number of faculty members in addition to a number of students. Dr. Qusay handed certificates to outstanding students of all specializations according to the academic years. This activity is part of the co-curricular activities held at the faculty to embody the faculty excellence mission in education and honoring the creative students. The following distinguished students were honored: - The Computer Science Specializations : Bara'a Khalid Mohammed Al-Herbawi, Abdul Fattah Mazuz Arabasi and Radi Rateb Shaaban - The Software Engineering Specializations: Samer Fayez Khader Abu Salim, Mohammed Hasan Mujahid, Abdul Salam Awni Al-Jamal and Rand Mahmoud Al-Jarbi - The Networks & Information Security Specializations: Zeina Atallah Badawi Fraikh, Osama Anwar Ibrahim, Mohammad Ali Hasan and Ahmed Munther Asfour