10 Sunday, 11 2019
The Dean of the AAU Faculty of Information Technology Meets the New Students Registered in the First Semester of the Academic Year 2019-2020

The Dean of the AAU Faculty of Information Technology, Dr. Qusay Shamboor met with the new students registered in the first semester 2019-2020 on Tuesday, 5/11/2019 in Al-Hourani Theater. The meeting was attended by the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Mustafa Al-Atiyat and a number of faculty members and administrative staffs. At the beginning of the meeting, new students were welcomed and the University vision and mission of excellence were emphasized especially in providing teaching, learning and research services, to become a preferred choice for students. Moreover, the educational objectives that the Faculty seeks to achieve were reviewed. These objectives will be achieved through adherence to the study plans set accurately. The need to communicate with faculty members to obtain guidance and correct information was also stressed. A brief summary of the faculty’s departments, aspirations, teaching programs and some important tips for success in university study were presented. One of the most important of these tips was to focus on the importance of adherence to the study and advisory plans. The students were also instructed to abide by the University regulations and instructions and the accepted behaviors within the lectures and on campus. Also, the importance of communicating with academic advisors and heads of departments was stressed. Similarly, the need to adhere to the dates of registration and examinations and follow-up bulletin board as well as the University and faculty websites to keep up to date with the latest developments were highlighted. Moreover, Dr. Mustafa Al-Atiyat reviewed various academic issues and co-curricular programs offered by the Deanship to serve University students. He noted the importance of affection and respect among students and their instructors. He also stressed the need to stay away from any university violence and to seek assistance of the Deanship of Student Affairs to resolve any problems that may face them. He also emphasized the importance of communicating with the University Career Guidance Office to inquire about the services provided by the Office such as the free training courses, the career guidance in addition to providing partial and full job opportunities.