10 Thursday, 10 2019
The AAU President Concludes His Meetings with the Faculty Members

The AAU President, Prof. Sari Hamdan concluded his meeting with the members of the University faculties. This one-week meeting, started on Sunday, 6/10/2019, during which the president met separately with the members of the Nursing Faculty, the Arts & Sciences Faculty and the School of Business. On Monday, he met with the members of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Allied Medical Sciences Faculty and the Engineering Faculty. On Wednesday the President met with the Faculty of Information Technology, the Faculty Architecture & Design and the Faculty Law. During These meetings, the President was accompanied by Prof. Michel Swaidan, the Vice President, Prof. Khaled Al-Kaabneh, the Dean of Scientific Research, and Dr. Anas Al-Saud, the Director of International Accreditation & Classification at the University. Prof. Hamdan called on the faculty members to publish scientific research which in turn make the University a reference for researchers and scholars. He also urged them to find ways of cooperation with universities worldwide and to open joint programs at the Ph.D. and Master Degrees. He also emphasized the need to spread the culture of excellence and work whereby it becomes an integral part of the University educational process. Prof. Hamdan talked about the new system of marks at the University which met the students’ satisfaction. He also called on the faculty members to cooperate with the Teaching & Learning Center by requesting the training courses they need.