21 Thursday, 3 2019
The Team of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences Wins the Championship of the AAU Faculties Fustal League

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences team wins the championship of the Fustal League of the AAU after beating the School of Business team with a score of (6-0) in the final. This event took place on Thursday, 21/3/2019 on AAU playgrounds. While four goals of the meeting were scored by Muhammad Hasan, the other two goals were scored by Hamza Al-Mistrahi and Yazeed Al-Safi. The championship witnessed a remarkable response from the players of the Arts’ team, which the Department of Physical & Health Education provided it with special elements. The team won the title after a long competition, as the "Faculties Champion" beat the Faculty of Nursing team in the first round after a marathon like match in which Muhammad Hasan scored the only goal in the match deadly time. The meeting was concluded with the Faculty of Arts winning with a score (0-6). In the second round, the Arts’ team beat the Faculty of Architecture & Design with a score of (4-2) to qualify for the final. The sportsmanship dominated at the match atmosphere which was witnessed by a large crowed. At the end of the match, the winning team received the championship cup.