21 Thursday, 3 2019
AAU Faculties Conclude the Scientific Week Activities at the University

After the opening ceremony held on Sunday, 17/3/2019 under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Wijdan Al-Hashimi, the AAU faculties continued their scientific weekdays. Faculty members and students participated in the scientific week which included a large number of activities. "Women and Law" was the title of the Faculty of Arts &Sciences day which took place on Monday. This day was an embodiment of the students' connection with the knowledge which their various specializations in the faculty provide to them and the scientific activities held by the faculty to enrich their knowledge, skills and scientific and practical experiences. The day also established a link between the law and women and their role in life and in upbringing generations. As a complement to the Faculty scientific day, the writer Noor Al-Otaibi signed her novel "I Lost it Twice". As for the Faculty of Law, its scientific day was titled "The Decentralization Experience & its Impact on the Local Community Service". This day included a number of lectures one of which was delivered by Dr. Mousa Al- Muhairat, the Director of the Jordan Food & Drug Administration. This lecture dealt with the role of decentralization and its impact on food and drug control. Another lecture was delivered by Mr. Mousa Al-Awamleh titled “The Decentralization Experience & its Impact on the Local Community Service". On Tuesday, 19/3/2019, the School of Business and the IT Faculty held their scientific day. The scientific day of the School of Business which was titled “The Role of Entrepreneurship in Business Service”, included a number of lectures. One of these lectures titled “Entrepreneurship & Business Incubators" was delivered by Dr. Anas Al-Soud, the Director of the Business Incubator at the University. Another lecture was delivered by Mr. Husam Abu Ali, the Director General of the Income & Sales Tax Department, on “Tax Policies in Jordan” in addition to a lecture which was delivered by Dr. Muhammad Al- Zyoud on “E-Marketing”. This day also included a range of co-curricular activities. As for the scientific day of the IT Faculty which was titled “Future Technologies”, it included a series of dialogue sessions and workshops, including: a session on artificial intelligence and a workshop on "Internet stuff" as well as a lecture on “How to Protect Children from the Internet & Smart Devices Dangers”. The Faculties of Pharmacy and Nursing concluded the scientific week activities. The scientific day of the Faculty of Pharmacy was titled “Successful Women in Science”. This is in line with the International Women's Day. In this day, the Faculty hosted elite successful female physicians in various areas including: Layla Qanawati, the first Speech Therapist in Jordan; Dr. Sura Saba’a Al – Eish, the first Oculist; Pharmacist, Asma Abu Rumman and Dr. Hanan Dawood. This day also included a range of activities and workshops whose focal point was raising awareness toward different diseases in addition to providing free medical examinations in the Faculty of Pharmacy laboratories for students.