3 Thursday, 5 2018
Exciting Festive Carnival and Events on the AAU's Open Day

On Thursday, 26/4/2018, Al-Ahliyya Amman University had an exciting celebration and activities on the open day. It was attended by a crowd of the university students and members of the local community. The mayor of Salt Municipality, engineer Khalid Khashman, sponsored the opening ceremony at the university campus. It was attended by the university president, Dr. Sadek Hamed, the VP Dr. Sulaiman Allouzi, and a group of the administrative and academic staff. The ceremony started by lighting a torch in front of the university main gate. The students of the university participated in activities of various exhibitions, and charity bazaars. Great Amman Municipality, Jordanian folklore House, and the gendarmerie music and martial arts had various shows in the festival. Furthermore, the university students performed interactive activities and sports shows such as; bowling, billiards, and electronic games in the Arena Complex. The open day included a distinct participation of the motorcycle teams: "Amman riders" and "off-roaders", black hawk team for challenge, and the Harket Kart team. Also, Wild Jordan exhibition had a remarkable role as well as the plastic art gallery of the blind students. Finally, Dr. Hamed thanked all the participants in the open day for their distinct role and praised the university students for their remarkable participation and interaction.