21 Wednesday, 3 2018
AAU Hosts A Palestinian Delegation from the 1948 Areas

Last week, AAU hosted a Palestinian delegation from the 1948 Areas comprising school principals, supervisors, heads of local authorities and social psychological specialists. The aim of this visit is to introduce the delegation to the university, its faculties, its specializations, its facilities and the university life of its students. It also aims to discuss ways of future partnership to support the Palestinian students from the 1948 areas and to know the needs of the Palestinian society in the 1948 Areas. The delegation met with Dr. Maher Al-Horani, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the AAU President, Prof. Sadeq Hamed to discuss ways of future cooperation for the benefit of students and the university. In a closing ceremony at the Arena Hall, a special video was displayed about the University, its specializations in the Bachelor's and Master's degrees and its facilities as well as its distinguished services. Meanwhile, a dialogue was opened with the deans of faculties, who in turn answered the questions and inquiries of the delegation.