18 Thursday, 1 2018
AAU Organizes Winter Campaigns

The AAU Supreme Committee for Activities and Community Service distributed food packages in the Deir Alla Elementary School for Girls located in Central Jordan Valley. This activity which took place on Saturday 13/1/2018 came as part of a winter campaign to help chaste families in Al-Balqa Governate. A number of university students participated in this campaign which was supervised by members of academic and administrative staffs. It included Dr. Mustafa Al-Atiyyat, Dr. May Mousa, Dr. Radwan Samadi, Esam Al-Sahaar, Ramzi Al-Omairi, Muhammad Al-Lawzi and Emad Abed Al-Rahman. Meanwhile, the President of the Deir Alla Club thanked AAU for organizing such a particular community service campaign where three hundred chaste families received packages in addition to forty gallons of olive oil.