31 Sunday, 12 2017
The AAU Organizes A Free Medical Day in Deir Alla

The AAU Deanship of Student Affairs organized on Saturday, 30/12/2017 the free medical day activity in the Deir Alla Elementary School for Girls, located in the Central Jordan Valley area (Al-Ghour) within Al-Balqa Governorate. This campaign which was organized in cooperation with the Deir Alla Youth Club provided the villages within the Deir Alla district with comprehensive health services. It was distributed to clinics of different medical specializations that offered free medicines to patients and provided them with blood sugar and blood pressure examination. The Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Mustafa Al-Atiyat who supervised this activity, said that the AAU campaigns for local community services will continue throughout the year. He also valued the University students’ role in providing assistance to the local community and appreciated the efforts of the Deanship of Student Affairs, the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Nursing, the Department of Medical Services, the Hearing & Speech Center and the Department of Public and International Relations in organizing this great activity.