14 Thursday, 12 2017
The AAU Career Guidance and Graduates Follow Up Office Carried out a Series of Courses

The AAU Career Guidance and Graduate Follow Up Office carried out a series of training courses for the University students. These courses aimed to refine the students’ personalities; develop their skills and improve their confidence as well as to prepare them to meet the needs of the job market. The courses which the Office offered during the first semester of the academic year 2017-2018 were held in association with the specialized institutions. These courses included the following: - The “Communication Skills” and “My Path to Career” courses in cooperation with “Injaz” Institution. - The workshops on career guidance for all faculties regarding how to write a CV and to conduct a job interview. - The “I Participate” Course in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute. - The “Injection” Course in cooperation with the Arab Parliament for Training Experts. - The Photoshop Course in association with the “Pioneers” Academy. - The “First Aids” Course in collaboration with the TRC Institution. - The “Brand Your Name” Course in collaboration with the “Triple Studio” Institution. A large number of the University students, especially graduates, participated in these courses.