Wednesday 24/8/2016
(Arena) Champion of First Class Tournament for Chess

Arena has been crowned with club tournament title of first class for chess for the first time in its history, after the end of the ninth round competitions at the Federation Headquarter. Arena has gained the first place in the tournament with 18 points, two points ahead of the Second Rank ,GAM third with 13 points. It has won its first title despite its newness in the game. Arena joined the Federation family three seasons ago to participate in the second class tournament and directly ascend to the first class , which won in its first season the third place to be the dark horse of the tournament ,before its win in the current tournament making a great achievement. Arena Club is headed by Dr. Maher Al-Hourani,Waseem Abbasi as an administrative, Zuhair Abbasi as a secretary, along with the players: Sami Saffarini Captain of the team, the Ukrainian pro Alexander Moiseynko, Rafat Issa, Basil Shouha, Saif Abu Hazim and Ahmed Saada as Technical Director. Vice President of the Federation Ahmed Jaradat crowned the winning teams in first ranks with trophies and colored medals. A delegate, D. Awni Shanabla , attended on behalf the president of Arena Club.