AAU Announcements

Monday 19/4/2021
Opening the Door for Applying to Study at the Polish University Kazimierz Wielki for One Semester
The AAU Department of Public & International Relations opened the door for applying to the Erasmus + scholarships for students of the School of Business/Department of the Business Administration (Bachelor's degree). This announcement came with the purpose of studying at the Polish University Kazimierz Wielki during the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022 for a period of four months. It is worth noting that the grant includes a monthly allowance of 800€ in addition to 360€ which contributes to the ticket. The deadline for submitting applications is 25/5/2021. The following documents are required in English: • A copy of the passport • A student transcript • Filling out the attached forms (student exchange application and CV form) • Filling out the student exchange agreement (at the International Relations Office)
Monday 16/11/2020
AAU Announces the Dates of Mid-term Exams for the Compulsory & Optional University Requirements
The Faculty of Arts & Sciences announces the dates of midterm exams for the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021 concerning the compulsory & optional university requirements as per the attached schedule.
Sunday 1/11/2020
To Register in Platform of the Global Hult Prize for Entrepreneurship
The “Hult Prize” is an international organization founded by Ahmed Ashkar which aims to launch a social institution to bring about "radical" change in the world through the youth people, especially university students from the BA, MA and PhD levels. This can be achieved through competition to establish pilot projects to solve the problem at hand. Knowing that the problem at hand changes every year, thus the challenge of this year is related to food services titled “Food for Good”. It is worth mentioning that the winning team shall receive a financial reward that amounts to one million US dollars, as a capital to enable them to start the project. Please, read the details regarding the challenge for this year on our website: http://www.hultprizeat.com/al-ahliyya-amman-university Registration is still ongoing. You can fill in the information via the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Kc_n1HxO9Fgnlb2IURxKF86VQx3R5TBO6ZDyLeAim_k/edit Do not hesitate to contact the following email if you have any queries regarding participation: Hultprize@ammanu.edu.jo
Tuesday 30/6/2020
An Important Announcement for Non-native Arabic Language Students
The AAU Faculty of Arts & Sciences offers the “Arabic Communication Skills for Non-native Arabic Language Speakers” Course, section 10. This course which will be taught by Dr. Omaima Al-Rawashdeh will be held from 17:10 pm to 18:10 pm. It is worth mentioning that this course is offered only for non-native Arabic language students.
Wednesday 12/2/2020
erasmus bradford internship
Internship/ work placement opportunities for AAU students at Bradford University Under the Erasmus+ Programme for the Summer 2020 in the following areas: Internships / Work Placement Areas – • Automotive Engineering Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Applications • Big Data 3D Visualisation using Virtual Reality and Data Augmentation • Responsible Artificial Intelligence: ethics, efficiency, explainability metrics for AI tools • Mind Power: EPOC+ driven mobile applications • AAA Transport/Aviation Logistics Using Mobile and Big Data Applications • Smart City mobile device applications • Intelligent Network Services Internships / Work Placement Areas – Life Sciences • Personalized medicine, Machine learning, Genomics & Skin Disorders; • The laterality and refractive associations of amblyopia (lazy eye); • The genetic and environmental factors associated with amblyopia development; • Analysis of the glucose response in skin and hair cells; • Assessment of thermomechanical behaviour of polymeric patches for buccal drug delivery system; Deadline to submit the application: 01/03/2020 to the International department at AAU When: May 2020 – August 2020 Duration: 2 months (minimum) Funding: €900 per month + Travel Wo can apply? Undergraduate and Postgraduate students Interested students please visit the International department
Thursday 17/10/2019
An Arabic Language Placement Test for Non-Native Speakers of Arabic
The AAU Faculty of Arts & Sciences announces holding an Arabic Language Placement Test for Non-Native Speakers of Arabic for the first semester of the academic year 2019-2020. The test which will be held on Sunday, 20/10/2019 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences building, is for those who have not previously taken it.
Sunday 29/9/2019
Announcement for Registering in the Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers
Foreign students who passed successfully the placement exam of the “Arabic language for Non- native Speakers” and who wish to enroll in this course are requested to provide the Faculty of Arts & Sciences with their names along with documents that prove their success in this exam to enable them to register in the “Arabic Language Communication Skills”. This course which will be taught by Dr. Omaima Al- Rawashdeh, section (8), will be held on Monday & Wednesday (10:30-12:00).
Wednesday 28/8/2019
A Diploma of Arabic Language for Non - Native Speakers
The AAU Consultation & Continuing Education Center announces the opening of registration in the Diploma of Arabic language for non-native speakers. This program consists of six levels (the duration for each level is one semester) in addition to holding a placement test to determine the level. At the end of this Diploma, the student receives a certificate issued by Al-Ahliyya Amman University and certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. For further details please contact the University on Phone #: 05-3500211 ext.: (4048) Mobile #: 0782370000 It is worth mentioning that this Diploma does not grant the participants in it a scientific degree. Also, credit hours are not eligible for obtaining a scientific degree.
Tuesday 23/4/2019
An Important Announcement for International Students
The Directorate of International Student Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces the launch of an electronic questionnaire for international students on the student expenses rates in Jordan. For further details, please contact Mrs. Rasha Bani Milhem on the phone number: 0775 617 186 Questionnaire link: https://forms.gle/dkizu1xHkNYfkcvC7
Wednesday 27/3/2019
The Dates of the Placement Exams for the Qatari Students
The AAU IT Faculty announces for the Qatari students the dates of placement exams for the (Arabic & English Languages and Computer) Courses offered during the first semester 2018-2019. These dates are displayed in the attached schedule.