16 Thursday, 8 2018
AAU Wins A Project Supported by the European Program “HOPES” Worth 60,000 Euros
AAU won a 60,000 Euros project supported by the “HOPES” Program which is funded by the European Unio Details
15 Wednesday, 8 2018
AAU Signs A Training Agreement in the Aviation Sciences
AAU Signed a joint Training Agreement with Petra Arab Company for Human Resource Development & Touri Details
13 Monday, 8 2018
AAU Organizes A Solidarity Stand that Confirms its Stalemate in Confronting Terrorism
AAU organized a solidarity stand on Sunday, 12/8/2018 with the homeland and its Hashemite leadership Details
7 Tuesday, 8 2018
AAU Students Succeed in Their Campaign Under the Slogan “Mishwarak Hisaboh Alina”
The Energy & Minerals Regulatory Commission decided to commit the gas stations which obtained the ap Details
7 Tuesday, 8 2018
AAU Participates in the Initiative under the Slogan “Your Eye Is on the Future”
AAU participated on Saturday, 4/8/2018 in the initiative “Your Eye Is on the Future” in the Amman Al Details
6 Monday, 8 2018
AAU Patronizes “Sawt Al-Hayat” Festival
AAU patronized a charitable festival under the slogan “Sawt Al-Hayat” in cooperation with King Husse Details
30 Monday, 7 2018
AAU Delegation Participates in Exhibitions Organized in Iraq
AAU participated in the activities of the Jordan Universities Exhibition which was held in Arbil/Ira Details
29 Sunday, 7 2018
AAU Signs An Agreement with the Jerusalem National Popular Congress
AAU signed an agreement with the Jerusalem National Popular Congress in which the Congress sends stu Details
26 Thursday, 7 2018
Signing A Memorandum of Understanding between AAU and IGLOBAL University
AAU signed a memorandum of Understanding with IGLOBAL University of Virginia/ USA. The memorandum ai Details
25 Wednesday, 7 2018
AAU Introduces A New Specialization in Multimedia & Graphic Technology
The Council of Higher Education which convened on Tuesday 17/7/2018 under the chairmanship of Prof. Details