Center Services
Services provided at the Hearing Center
  • Newborn hearing tests are offered in collaboration with the Obstetrics Hospitals and Motherhood & Childhood Centers in the Kingdom.
  • Assessing and diagnosing the hearing disorders for all ages.
  • Placing different hearing-aids, using examination devices of the hearing-aid performance inside the patient's ear.
  • Assessing, rehabilitating, diagnosing, and treatment the dizziness and imbalance disorders.
  • Assessing and diagnosing the tinnitus disorders and its rehabilitation.
  • Manufacturing the ear molds and the second-hand medical hearing- aids inside the ear.
  • The Auditory oral training for whom have hearing impairment (Hypoacusis) since birth.
Services provided at the Speech Center
  • Diagnosing and treatment the following communicative disorders:
    • Speech and language delay
    • Voice disorders.
    • Verbal disorders.
    • Verbal fluency disorders.
    • Resonant disorder of all its kinds.
    • Cerebral Palsy.
    • Learning difficulties.
    • Speech and language disorders caused by hearing impairment.
    • Neurological language and speech disorders.
  • Fluency Disorders.
  • Awareness programs on the early detection for the communication disorders and the way to deal with it, where that includes the following:
    • Educating and enlightening mothers about the normal evolution bases of the language and stages of this evolution in order to enable the mothers to have knowledge of the abnormal symptoms or the language’s slow development.
    • Educating the schools’ teachers of the verbal and linguistics disorders since they are the closest ones to children in order to enable the teachers of knowing the communicative disorder existence for their students and transfer their students to specialists for treatment.
    • Making the teachers aware of the writing and reading difficulties’ bases, how to identify these difficulties, and help students to overcome.
    • Paying the doctors’ attention to extent of the different diseases’ impact on the patient's ability to communicate, and the possibility of improve these abilities through language and speech specialists.
  • Provide tele-therapy sessions specially during the pandemic which helps the patients to have diagnosis and effective treatment in Jordan and in other countries.
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