Wednesday 15/6/2022
Agreement to strengthen cooperation between Al-Ahliyya Amman University and the Union of Engineers

On Tuesday, 14 June 2022, Al-Ahliyya Amman University and the Union of Jordanian Engineers signed a partnership and cooperation agreement in the field of capacity-building, improving education outcomes and providing engineers with the skills to enter the labor market and work to create training and employment opportunities for them. The agreement was signed by the President of the University, Professor Dr. Sari Hamdan, the Head of the Union of Jordanian Engineers and President of the Union of Arab Engineers, Engineer Ahmed Samara Al-Zoubi, in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University, Professor Dr. Mutassim Abdul Jaber, Professor Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Shabul, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design, Dr. Iyad Shaaban, Head of the Human Resources and Institutional Development Unit at the University, and a number of professor engineers who are also members of the Council of the Union of Engineers. The President of the University, Professor Dr. Sari Hamdan, expressed the university's readiness to cooperate with the Union of Engineers in all areas, stressing his pride in the Union of Engineers as it represents the largest engineering body in Jordan. He said that the university puts all its facilities and capabilities at the disposal of the Union of Engineers in the common interest of engineering students and graduates, stressing the need for the union to organize conferences approved by the database "Scobs" which would benefit the faculty members and the union. Eng. Ahmed Al Zoubi said that The Union of Engineers has signed several cooperation agreements with public and private universities with the aim of creating training opportunities for their students, in addition to exchanging experiences to raise the skills and competencies of engineers, noting that the union focuses on fourth and fifth year students to qualify them to enter the labor market. He stressed the need to strengthen cooperation relations with the university in order to contribute to improving the quality and control of educational outcomes, in addition to holding joint activities between the two parties such as workshops, conferences and seminars, and to look into the possibility of the university to host the training program Studio 006 as part of the training and qualification of newly graduated architects. This agreement is part of the university's vision to interact and communicate with institutions and unions, including the Union of Engineers, with the aim of strengthening cooperation in all fields to serve the competence of graduates in all majors.