Wednesday 8/6/2022
Workshop on Stress Management for Students of Al-Ahliyya Amman University

With the aim of achieving outstanding performance and creating a healthy university environment that balances the working and personal lives of students, a workshop organized by the Women's Health Center focused on managing stress, which is a potential concern for physical, psychological and social health suffering. The workshop program, moderated by accredited international trainer Dr. Mansour Majid Ahmed, included a discussion of the concept of stress management, its aspects, types and levels, and its behavioral, psychological, cognitive and emotional effects, in addition to discussing effective strategies to manage stress from healthy behavior patterns and exercises that help in breathing calmly and deeply, and sufficient relaxation to identify the causes of stress and then to practice positive thinking and time management, conditioning and adaptation to build a personality better able to cope with the pressures of this era and its demands and more responsive personality to the elements of progress and advancement. Dr. Rana Abu Hwaij, Director of the Center, also confirmed the center's keenness to hold specialized training workshops, including this workshop which was aimed at a specific group of students and faculty members who have been carefully selected to prepare them as liaison officers capable of making an impact on an individual and community level and to be able to cope with difficult situations in various fields.