Sunday 7/11/2021
Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Al-Ahliyya Amman University participates in second American-Jordanian chemical festival

Instructor Aya Khalaf from the Department of Basic Sciences - Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Al-Ahliyya Amman University, participated in organizing the second annual Jordanian chemical festival on 4/11/2021 hosted by the University of Jordan. The festival coincided with The Arab Chemistry Week, which aims to introduce the importance of chemistry in our lives and in most scientific disciplines, such as pharmacy and engineering. The festival came under the theme "Chemistry protects our health." The festival included some chemical experiments that show the importance of chemistry and its applications in our lives. An example was as the experiments of natural reagents in which some natural materials available in all homes, such as red cabbage, tea, vinegar, and lemon were used. Some chemical phenomena, such as surface tension and different densities of substances were explained using milk, dish detergents, and pigments. Some companies specialized in scientific and medical equipment, and products of health care and sterilization also participated. It is worth mentioning that the festival was organized by the American Chemical Society and the Jordanian Chemical Society, noting that the instructor Aya Khalaf is an active member of both societies.