Tuesday 12/10/2021
The President of Al-Ahliyya Amman University continues his meetings with faculty members.

In the presence of deans, vice presidents and president’s assistants, The President of Al-Ahliyya Amman University Prof. Sari Hamdan concluded a series of meetings with faculty members of information technology, pharmacy, medical sciences, nursing and educational sciences on Monday, 10/11/2021. The meeting was the third for the academic year 2021-2021, preceded by a meeting with members of business, arts, sciences and information technology faculties on Sunday 10/10/2021. The President began his speech by welcoming the attendees, and emphasizing three topics: the necessity to absorb students after absence from face-to-face education for nearly two years, the importance of conducting scientific research and publishing in refereed journals, and the importance of organizing events in order to integrate students into practical life within the university. Prof. Khaled Kaabneh, Dean of Scientific Research, presented the status of the scientific research and achievements of the Scientific Research Deanship for the past three years. He presented the progress reached in the publication rates of each faculty despite the Corona pandemic. The President of the University Prof. Sari Hamdan honored the winner of the “Best Researcher Award” for Scientific Faculties, Prof. Ashok Shakya from the Faculty of Pharmacy.