Tuesday 2/3/2021
The International Association for Advancing Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) Grants the AAU School of Business the Eligibility Title

The International Association for Advancing Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) granted the Eligibility Title to the AAU School of Business in preparation for obtaining this international accreditation. The Dean of the AAU School of Business, Dr. George Sammour, said that the School submitted a report supported by documents and files to obtain the Eligibility Title. In turn, the Association formed a committee that includes experts and specialists, where they found that the AAU’s components of the School are consistent with the approved international standards of the Association, and thus the AAU’s eligibility for accreditation has been confirmed. He added that this accreditation will be reflected positively on the level and march of the School of Business, its academic staffs, students and graduates, and the world ranking of the University. The Dean also indicated that the International Association for Schools of Business aims to ensure providing the highest quality levels in learning and developing the business administration programs as well as the qualitative addition that the graduates of these faculties will provide to the national economy. It is worth mentioning that by joining this Association and obtaining the international accreditation, the faculty becomes among the 5% of the world's universities accredited by AACSB and one of 2% of the world's universities outside the United States of America that obtain such distinguished accreditation. It will also enjoy many benefits, the most prominent of which is obtaining the Association’s full support for the latest scientific technologies in the field of business specializations and providing the School of Business graduates with better job opportunities inside and outside Jordan. It is worth noting that this international accreditation is considered one of the most difficult accreditation standards, because it usually takes (5) years to fulfill the conditions required for achieving it. However, the AAU’s School of Business was able to achieve the eligibility title within a period not exceeding six months, thanks to the support of the AAU administration and the efforts of its staffs.