Tuesday 22/12/2020
The Dean of the AAU Faculty of Pharmacy Meets with Students of the Evening Program

The AAU Faculty of Pharmacy held its second meeting with students of the evening program on Thursday, 19/11/2020 via the Microsoft Teams platform. This meeting was attended by Prof. Muhammad El-Tanani and a number of students from the program. At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. El-Tanani welcomed the students and wished them success and safety from the emerging Corona Virus. He also informed them about the arrival of the new and modern equipment for the research laboratory (PDRC), so that it can be used by faculty members and the Master's students in their research and projects and in preparation for opening the PhD program in the future. Then the Dean listened to the students’ observations and suggestions, as they touched upon the advantages of distance learning due to the nature of their work and the difficulty of attending the University. The students thanked the Dean of the Faculty and the President of the University for this meeting, which indicates the great interest of the University in them. At the end of the meeting, the Dean promised the students to take their observations and recommendations into consideration and to provide solutions to their problems wherever they are.