Wednesday 29/12/2021
Al-Ahliyya Amman University Hosts Dr. Abdul Malik Al Jaber

Al-Ahliyya Amman University hosted Jordanian businessman Dr. Abdul Malik al-Jaber. The President of the University Professor Dr. Sari Hamdan received Dr. Al Jaber, who presided many companies in the Arab and Western worlds. He is a pioneer in supporting Arab pioneers and startups. Al Jaber has achieved many outstanding accomplishments at the local, regional, and international levels, apart from the accumulated experience in the telecommunications, information technology, financial services, and industry sectors. Dr. Al Jaber is the founding president of Mina Abs, a leading foundation in supporting entrepreneurs and investment in pioneering firms. Dr. Al Jaber is also chairman of The Mindset, Adionation, Khan Al-Omdan Tourism Investment Company, United Energy Services, and Golden Wheat Mills. He previously held several prominent positions, including Chief Operating Officer of Zain Kuwait Group, as well as CEO of Zain Company, and Zain Jordan. Dr. Al Jaber joined many prestigious international universities, and he is a permanent visitor to Harvard University. Dr. Al Jaber presented a dialogue seminar for a group of leading university students organized by the Center for Innovation and Excellence at the University in the presence of the Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Mustafa Al Attiyat. The Assistant President of the University for Foreign Affairs and director of the Center for Innovation Dr. Anas Al Saud accompanied Dr. Al Jaber and Mr. Muhannad Al Sayyed on a tour in the university facilities. Al Jaber showed his pride at and happiness with the amount of development accomplished by the University since his last visit in 2010. The President of the University, Dr. Sari Hamdan, honored the university's guest, Dr. Al Jaber, with the University Shield in recognition of his efforts in serving entrepreneurship and innovation in Jordan and the Arab world. The guest was accompanied on this tour by the Director of the CyberSecurity Center, Mr. Nader Sweidan, and the Director of the Arena Complex, Mr. Amer Hamdan, in addition to Mr. Hossam El-Sayed.